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A guy who is much like the other definition a smart, sexy, guy who is a great kisser, is an amazing lover, and usually a hilarious guy.
girl: hes a true corben
other girl: yes he is
by looloolovesTP January 20, 2012
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Corben is a person who is a great lover and needs you more than you realise . He very sporty and smart and very easy to talk to but he finds it hard to understand your emotions and can be a dickhead but whatever ... be careful to not get to attached
" Wow look at that hottie go !"
"ahh well he must be a Corben "
by cruzonthetide September 12, 2017
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Boss of all bossess he is hilarious and lovable he has a huge penis and ego at the same time
Girl: I wish I could have a man like Corben
by Dat Guy Ditka January 25, 2018
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