I told that bitch to shut up or I'd kick her in the coot coot. Yeah...
by VIRGIL January 29, 2005
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A small flightless bird indigenous to North America. Genus specie - cootia cootius
eg 1: Every weekend I try to catch coot coot.
eg 2: Stuff my pet coot coot with a kielbasa thanks and regards.
by Webster February 3, 2005
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a younger person whos vagina looks like an older womans vagina. they may also have the smell of fish coming from between their legs.
BOB: "that girl is such a slut"
DAN: "yea, she probably is a grandma coot coot."
by beerdrinker March 10, 2009
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Used as sound of action in cutting someone down; derogitory gesture to poke jabs ; sarcastic boast of a winning or one being right and proving it .
"I guess you heard that didn't ya , coot coot coot "often said along with body language of taking one or two fingers making a short fast rake or brushing off motion of their cheek or lower jaw bone
by Doní December 18, 2018
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