"deep hollow or valley, especially on flank of a hill," mainly surviving in place names, from O.E. cumb, probably a British word, from Celt. base *kumbos
And the blast of it echoed in helm's deep: and with that they lept away, riding down the coomb like thunder
by persia sand July 11, 2008
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To perform an act with style or with ease. Also to come from Yorkshire.
Man that trick was so Coombes!
by youknowwhobaby May 28, 2009
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Generally used as an insult amongst males. Implies that the person will always be inferior, no matter by what margin.
"Feel sorry for that guy, he's got second place to me in the last 10 events. He's such a Coombes."
by Helmfred G November 1, 2007
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someone who is a light weight who cant hold their drink and gets drunk on one beer
and paraletic on 3 beers
oh god hes wasted already and hes only had one beer hes such a coombes
by coombes is a lightweight July 11, 2008
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Someone who cums in you without asking, and has erectile dysfunction.
“I heard you had sex with Gavin Coombs last night”
Gavin coombs
“Yeah it was so bad, he came in without asking, and got limp halfway through”
by Pussypower67 August 15, 2022
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coombe boys school is filled with :
neeks,fuck boys,wannabe roadmen and drug dealers. they turn up at mc d’s after school wiv coombe girls thinking there all hard but there all just really wet dons and wankers.
look it’s that ugly man whore frm coombe boys
by wetdons1234 February 7, 2019
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A person who is very good at annoying girls called maddi, losing gta races but saying he's won them and generally being a dick and a half to anybody he meets.
Jacob: Kieran Coombes is a cunt isn't he?
Harry: Yes. Oh yes he is.
Connor: I ate some oranges and It was k.

Jacob: I want my 20 bucks Leo
Leo: Rah rah rah rah rah
by HappySpanner October 17, 2011
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