1: A name for one of the largest Pan-European cultures, language, artistic and (possibly) ethnic groups that possibly originated in the Danube delta and spread westward from the late Neolithic to the late Iron ages. Modern opinion is devided, one school of thought claims the Celts were a distinct ethinicty another that it was a shared language, culture and collection of laws/belief systems that was adopted by indigineous ihabitants of the areas it spread to.. The Modern heart of celtic culture can be found in Brittany,Norhtern France,the Basque region, Parts of england and the lands of Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

2: Someone those english twats hate out of fear and jealousy.
King Arthur was a Celt.
by Kynth November 26, 2007
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Super rare guy name. Celt will be one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He is also great in bed. He is a little dorky, but in a charming way.
Person 1: " You know that guy Celt"
Person 2:" Ya! He's super nice"
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Someone who dewells from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, The Isle of Man or Britanny. An ancient people who frequently raided Saxon villages.
Wales, Ireland and Scotland are all Celtic nations
by Foad September 24, 2003
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More Culture than Race although certain genetic traits and diseases are currently being unveiled in supposedly Celtic populations in Scotland and Ireland. Possibly African in origin, currently being traced through Basque populations as previously mentioned. Based on a seafaring culture predating but eventually surpassed by the Nordics.
Celtic art and technology was sought after in the ancient world and much romanticized in 19th century England. Celtic technology included the first use of suspension in war chariots and the introduction of chain-mail to Britain and consequently mainland Europe. Some Celtic & Nordic artwork is undoubtedly responsible for the "Atlantean Myth".
Celts were indisputably fearsome and effective in battle but often disorganized when routed. The Romans had mixed success, the Vikings did much better.
It is a myth there are no Celtic peoples left in England, Cornwall for example is full of families tracing their roots back to Post-Roman times. The most interesting modern Celtic societies surviving are in the Hebrides and The Faroe's. The latter is a mix of Viking and Celtic cultures.
Celtic military technology and staff were actually quite dominant in Dark age Europe well after the Vikings had left the scene. But that is another story, search Gallowglass.
That insane Australian sun is too much for this little Black Celt.

by Monsirto April 11, 2008
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To sweat during a DoDs match..
Celts Refer to: Fat and Black as Fuck
Celts was sweating profusely during the wednesday night DoDs match.

Celts sweated too much into a rage coma after a wednesday night of DoDs.

Sloppy is acting a celts using corny pickup lines on young teens. preferably 13 with braces.
by Celts April 11, 2011
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Generic term to describe fans for Celtic Football Club. Can be characterised by their cavalier approach to personal hygiene.
We can smell those Celts from over here.
by Sammy Beckett February 24, 2005
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