1.When someone does something to you and you dislike it.
2.It could also be when something you want to happen, happens at the worst possible time.

Used sarcasticly.
1.*Dan pushes Tom*
2. If you want a certain sub in a boring class, and then the day he subs, you are absent.
-You missed Mr. Jones today!!
-Wow, seriously?
-COOLLL. Wow, this sucks.
by Amanda0909 January 21, 2009
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stylyish popular well known
some on who maybe well known gets good grades does football and wins alot. doing somthing memaberal to help or support. in a school or life home or in a family.(mostly middle schools)is COOL!!!
by marquel December 29, 2007
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1. a mean insult you can say to somerone to their face without them knowing it was an insult(C.onstipated O.verweighted O.ut of style L.oser)
2. cold
3. popular
ex. "you are COOL!"
ex. "it's really cold outside"
ex. "sara is so cool"
by xXemyiXx May 09, 2009
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two people who enjoy staying up ridiculously late on the internet talking and trying to think up stupid sayings, that they have forgotton by the morning. but had fun at the time.
Girl: why are you up so late
Girl 2 : i am a cool bean
by aphonopelma May 23, 2009
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someone who does something miraculous and defies all odds.
Peter: I'm looking for someone to date that is miraculous.
Natalie: How about Helen Keller. She was so cool.
by bearded iowan February 25, 2009
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1.someone well known and someone people want to be like.
2. something that is popular, like a hobbie etc.
1. emma and ciara are so COOL. they just act so COOL.
2. i feel so COOL when i go swimming.
by geradike January 03, 2012
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