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Very attractive strong name. Represents power and respect. Very logical and responsible. Quiet among those he doesn't know, but when he is comfortable he makes people laugh, which he is good at and he's a very private person. Once he gets comfortable, he will give you the world. And not 2 mention bein sexy does help. Plus.. I herd he's tha love of Alexandra's life.
For example, yo I met this kid who constantly made me laugh. Yeah, must of been Lateef.
by lexib1 March 21, 2009
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Lateef is the type of person who will make you laugh anytime. He is confident around others and he is great with secrets. He is also one of the sexiest and cutest people. If you have a lateef I would recommend holding on to him as long as possible.
Person 1. Wow. That guy is so amazing.

Person 2. Yeah, I think his name is Lateef
by Tigerlandia39 July 18, 2019
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I was looking for apartments- I saw a great deal and contacted the landlord but it turned out it was a lateef.
by Darth Danyis December 16, 2018
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