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to borrow without permission, to plagiarize, to steal someone else's work, particularly without remorse and with a sense of entitlement

Source: In November 2010, Cooks Source magazine was at the center of an Internet tornado after it was found that the magazine had stolen a writer's article without permission. An e-mail response from the magazine's editor implied that everything on the Web was public domain and the jilted author should have been grateful for having her work stolen.
I was going to write that paper for class, but I found one online that worked, so I cooks sourced it instead.
by superjaberwocky November 05, 2010
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Verb. To take private property without permission, (esp. written and intellectual), remove any inherent value under the delusion that they are making it "better," and pass it off as one's own for personal gain without bothering to obscure the real source.

When caught cooks sourcing, a person then becomes unreasonably arrogant, demands compensation for orchestrating the screw-over, and claims professional expertise on applicable cyber laws while demonstrating that they actually have less expertise than a teenage boy who just discovered there are things other than porn on the internet. See also: Griggs
My neighbor tried to cooks source my champion show dog. He stole Muffy out of my yard and started walking her around the neighborhood, right past my house. Then I received an invitation to the dog show, and a bill for the vet that spayed her! You should have heard him try to Griggs his way out of it: "Honestly, the dog was outside so it was public domain. You should be thanking me - I fixed her."
by Mearth November 06, 2010
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Verb; to copy writing from the Internet for publication in hard copy magazine form, without notification or payment to the author.
That travel magazine Cooks-Sourced my blog post about hitchhiking through Memphis! Those bastards!
by beyota November 05, 2010
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Plagiarism. Stealing. Comes from the cooking magazine of the same name which plagiarized articles lifted off the internet.
No, I totally cooks sourced it from the internets. All that stuff is public domain, you know?
by punxnotdead286 November 05, 2010
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Also known as Cooks Source Magazine, a Magazine from New England, which is full of thieves, crooks, and liars. An organization comparable with death, Nazis, and poop.

In anger, people started to revolt to protect what was rightfully theirs. After all, Cooks Source was the center of all evil. And as people started using Cook Source as a term in conversation, new phrase had been born.

To use the term, simply state something terrible and blame it on Cooks Source, chances are it actually was their fault in the first place.
Cooks Source blocked the adoption of the metric system.
by John Smithh II November 04, 2010
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