someone who is very adept at clicking circles
_RyuK: omg I just got 727pp lol
me: wtf are you cookiezi??????
_RyuK: Ye XD
by Icicle Fall February 15, 2018
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Based osu! god who's used to define someone really good at everything.
"Wow man, you're such a Cookiezi on this!"
by free mutual March 23, 2017
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A superhuman that can stream 250 bpm without breaking his fingers.
by some retard loool July 7, 2019
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Litteral Gamer God. Leader of the most popular Osu religion.
Retard: Cookiezi is bad
Random 6 digit: FUCK OFF
by Hexowo December 30, 2021
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Th god of the osu! gods , the waifu for every osu! player , the best in the world!

Serious , he is number 1 , don't mess with him.
Pleb: Who is cookiezi?
by UnlimitedGamez October 27, 2017
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A man that has step the throne to become a osu! god. He uses tablet and stylus to demonstrate his own power and also to inspire others to be like him.
Guy1: I am now an osu! player
*searches world greatest osu! player on google*

*the results shows cookiezi*

*searches cookiezi on youtube*

*watches one of his vids*

Guy1: sobs* I can't be like him :(
by I am optimus pride January 15, 2022
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