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1. A type of measurment or container.
2. An animal from the medieval ages, such as a knyvan.
1. I went to the store and bought a coogn of milk.
2. I was afraid when I saw the ferocious coogan.
by D-vizzle October 08, 2008
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A term used to describe an individual who is constantly concealing their body by large trench coats...even in the heat of summer. Naked bodies are very offensive to this person. This individual insists that sexual activity is gross and not to their to release sexual urges they enjoy riding a bicycle around the city. A person being deemed as a "coogan" has some kind of inner issues with the opposite sex as well....even if they deny it.
Man: "I bet you have the sexiest ass in this town but why do you have to be such a coogan about it?!!!"

Woman: "I just don't feel comfortable with showing my skin....I don't even like taking showers naked."
by Three B January 29, 2009
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