All-girls Catholic school, full of pretty girls with class.
WOW! Look at that hoe! She must go to rosary NOT connelly.
by azsdffsw February 16, 2009
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(verb) To miss an attempted high five, thus smacking your fellow participant in the face.

(verb) To just not get it, sparking Scooby Doo-like queries of "Aroo?".
"We were all celebrating the goal, then I totally Connelly'd my friend!"

I totally Connelly'd the situation.
by RBeezy321 March 17, 2010
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A beautiful little girl that will oneday realize that she was named after two of her mothers favorite people, that she loved and lost, who will always be so close to her heart that she had to name her after them.
Mom, this is Connelly, my daughter, who I decided to name after you way before she was born because of how special you will always be to me.

Connelly, you are named after an amazing person, whom I'll always love with all my heart.
by Eleanor 2009 November 22, 2009
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A troll that lives under a bridge taking it up the ass all day from a Crosser
The Connelly enjoyed the firm penis in his asshole.
by cconndamnon April 5, 2011
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Stupid and funny (jk unless.....) smart and weird. If you have this name go Kill your self (jk unless....) love you Connelly
You: Omg your such a Connelly

Person: Wow how offensive
by Suk my butthole October 29, 2019
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The coolest kid you will ever meet! He is really good at sports and everything he does! And he is a really good bf and never cheats
Connelly is funny
by I will stop September 14, 2020
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Beautiful woman dark hair light eyes gorgeous at any age.Wonderful actress, people who forty year olds and nerds with no life jerk off becuase no one knows who she is due to the fact that she's not that well known which is absolutely ridiculous but I'm not her maybe you know she wants it that way.Either way honestly she deserves better none of that slit nostrils crap they put up there ok what the hell is that what is she voldemort? Ok excuse me but what is that?

She is in my opinion, one of the best actresses alive. In which make her so great.
Jennifer Connelly is best known for starring in a beautiful mind and blood diamond.
by browngirlsdonttakebs April 5, 2008
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