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This is the process of adaptation that occurs mostly in our early years. A child learns to adapt to whatever dysfunction is occurring in their home, like becoming chronically anxious because of an emotionally or physically abusive parent or parents. This anxious, felt often enough, becomes a habit. A habit that they will take with them when they leave home and they will continue to imagine they need to be anxious (even when they don’t), or even unknowingly create anxious situations, in an attempt to satisfy, what by then will have become an addiction. Once they have adapted to their home life situation they will often times loose their ability to do any further adapting and remain forever stuck in a perpetual reliving of their childhood drama. Conditioning’s major weapon is feel-think. These poor souls will react to various life situations by feeling a reflexive feeling and then believing whatever thoughts are generated by those feelings, all the while believing they are making conscious choices. They will literally be remembering, based on their earlier conditioning, how to act in the present.
He thought he was making a conscious choice, he didn't realize it was just his conditioning.
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When one joins a sports team such as basketball, soccer or cross country, many of their practices involve conditioning. Conditioning is basically running (jogging and sprints) that is meant to get one into shape to play said sport.
The other day I went to a 2-hour conditioning practice. Multiple sprints, liners and footwork drills left me exhausted and pissed off.
by Calair May 31, 2007
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