A self-important person who thinks is way better than others morally, intellectually and emotionally.
Francis: Finally, my economic model is working. I have gotten all my impulse response functions nicely.
JeanPaul: How nice! But your model doesn't even have capital. Check my models, all of them have capital. I know it may be hard for you, but don't worry, one day you'll improve.

Francis: what a condescending prick!
by JR for junior July 29, 2015
Someone who thinks all their actions, thoughts, opinions and tastes are better than anybody's else.

ps: Very often condescending pricks are also pseudo-intellectuals. However pseudo-intellectuals tend to be more subtle.
JOE - This beer is pretty good huh?
CP - Please... this? It's shit. You should try the beer I've had in Germany, now that was worth drinking. This is just piss.
JOE - You're such a condescending prick.
by Dmitry Karamazov December 19, 2012
Me: reference to me = David Davis. Sales person whom belittles those he does not respect
David Davis was a condescending prick to today!
by Prick July 14, 2003
See Dolphin-X and other people who use the internet as a means of inflating their egos by defamating those of more quaint statures. Common targets are Christians and Adults who continue to live with their parents.
That condescending prick, he thinks because I believe in god that I must drink from toilets and defecate everywhere.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003