when you mispell coincedence because you dont ever use coin as a part of another word unless you're a total nerd.
its not faite, its concedence

oh man what a concedence
haha, spelling fail
...fuck you grammar nazi
by you cant have my name November 3, 2010
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Conceding sociobots are people who fight or try to not accept it but slowly and tragically go through the "just maybe..." phase- especially because of the discomfort in a world full of sociobots - and conform.

When fighting, they are usually not bothered by R/S sociobots (except for the odd comment by S if they try anything non-sociobotish) as RnS sociobots know they don't have a chance in their society.
They usually come from normalish/ignorant/'trying to make it work' families who don't know much about life either and some from R families, but they know better and stay strong as far as they can
They know what's right but aren’t sure how to do it or make a change cuz no one taught them.

They have very little safe(no attack or pocks by sociobots) space in their minds for their opinions and they usually put their mottos and fighting/stubborn survival posters in it until they change. Then they open it completely to the world of sociobots, for, at first, sociobot box opinion blaring and eventually - a sea of far-out noise or their minds become a channel for sociobot opinions to pass through continuously, like a zombie or just another bead on a thread.
They usually try their best not to be speakers too but some of them crack under the sea of words and concepts in their heads and surroundings. They regret it and try to not let it happen again. But once they start cracking, unless they fight and go for help, they are mostly doomed. But this is VERY unnecessary. Go For Help.
(that character from DARK films, if u don't know it, good, stay that way- u don't need to know every "inside" joke/comment. the part of you that does is possibly sociobotish)

Conceding Sociobots-
Before- This is not okay! You guys are idiots!! ..(nothing happens).. C'mon! ..(silence). I'm outta here *shakes head and leaves*
After- So, we doing this now? Lol, boring. OK, let's get on with it. *face darkens*

The worst and best villains. Beautiful is usually the description with pain in your chest; that kind of beautiful

Other concedings who were changed early may not even realize what they are and the change back may be initiated by a writing/drawing etc from when they were very young(and not sociobots).

reverse change/from child sociobot
Before- Ya, let's go, we aren't looking at that. LOL!

After- That... I... used to look at that... it's

Socibot- Hey, let's go
After- Ya,... but i did look at that, a lot.
Socibot- Really? cool. So, about where we are going-...,lrtyrtyewgonrgioreuhuudgyrkiiyfsna
After- Ya...

very unncessary, pure happiness is-looks- so much better on ANY face. Ya know? c;
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A bitch that's very superficial and believes the world revolves around her.
Everything is not about you, you conceded bitch
by PYT December 31, 2016
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When u act conceded for the hole month of November. Post pictures of yourself EVERY DAY on social media until the last day of the month.
“Imma post every day for conceded November on my Snapchat story”
by Midnightstargazer October 6, 2019
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In Latin - Numquam Concedere, the motto Trump long ago had emblazoned on his personal Coat of Arms — Never Concede. Not to imply that Trump understands Latin.
He apparently continues to live by his motto, Never Concede, the only president in American history to have lost an election and to have not found the grace or dignity to concede his loss and congratulate his winning opponent.
by Monkey's Dad December 12, 2020
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Taylor Soushek.
A boy who is self-conceded, talks of no one but themselves.
by Magget90210 October 25, 2010
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