An alternate spelling of "comics", a short term for comic books. It was coined in the heyday of underground comics. It was an attempt to convey the true nature of comics as an art form (all comics, not just underground). The idea being the prefix "co-" meaning what is usually does and "mix" for a mix of illustration and written word, as opposed to the term "comics" which the general public viewed as something for children. (note: i'm just going by what I learned in a college course for comic book history)
comix is sequential art.
by eatsdoodoo May 4, 2004
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Underground adult oriented comics that are the alternative to the mainstream super-hero stuff
Milk & Cheese, Ghost World, American Splendor, anything by the legendary artist R. Crumb
by Jose Angeles January 26, 2004
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The urban slang version of the plural "comics". Something that idiots use when they want to sound 'hip' and 'cool'
See? Right there on the syllabus, Maus, and Maus II are 'comix'
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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Pick your comix that appeals to you most.
by Hercolena Oliver August 28, 2008
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Term used to describe the number one Slovenian streamer on twitch. Slavic roots, often used when referring to someone humble, talented AND with a phat ass.
Man 1: Damn dude, that was a comixs for sure.
Man 2: a comixs?
Man 1: Yeah, humble, talented and draggin' a wagon.
by ChuHatesYou August 2, 2022
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smartest nigga alive
a slur against black people
"yo im such a comix"
"bro these niggas are such comix's"
by comicalfloppa June 3, 2023
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