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8 definitions by Lbs.

Used in the bottom of West Philadelphia to describe some one who is reckless or careless in his/her actions.
He's gonna get Raheem on you. That boah is scattered.
by Lbs. December 23, 2006
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a term used by Philadelphia prison inmates. Syberia is the equivalent of "protective custody". The name originated at the court house because the protective custody cell there is said to be as cold as "Syberia"
That dude is a snitch, when he goes to court they send him to Syberia.
by Lbs. May 30, 2008
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term used in the cocaine trade to describe the weight outcome of the cooking process
Any time I bought 28 grams from him, I would cook it and it would only come back to 25 grams
by Lbs. May 30, 2008
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noun. A person or company who is persistent in sniffing out, suing for, and demanding immediate ceases of unauthorized use of their intellectual property.
"I posted an episode of South Park on Youtube, and Viacom made them take it off. Man, Viacom are copyright nazi's."

"Everyone knows that Lars Ulrich is a copyright nazi.
by Lbs. January 8, 2009
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In Philadelphia this term is used to describe a violent or reckless person.
That youngan is a cannon.
by Lbs. December 23, 2006
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a term that originated in Philadelphia in the 1950's. It is equivalent to boy. The spelling is often argued by Philadelphians
by Lbs. December 23, 2006
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A mixture of the two Philly words boah which is used to describe a boy, and jawn which can be used to describe anything, in this case a girl. This is the equal of a transexual, or girl boy.
Person 1: That bitch got a fat ass!
Person 2: Ill you nasty. Thats a boah jawn!
by Lbs. December 23, 2006
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