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A back rub is usually done for someone whom has a stiff back, or just wants to relax. But in some cases a back rub can turn into something sexual and may make a mistake aka your child.
You were suppose to be a back rub
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An event between a man and a women, a man and a man/women and a women (if gay / lesbian), that sould but doesnt always result in sex... the words rub my back are a sign
your sittin on the couch watchin the game and your wife says "hun will you rub my back" she does want a back rub but she's accually askin you to woo her so that it can end in sex, if not done correctly it will end in you sleeping on the couch watching a recap of the same game you watched earlier and not knowing what got you there
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The act of actually rubbing a person's back. NOT to be confused with back massage.

It is a ritual in which the rub-ee places a rigid palm upon the person of interest's spinal region and forgoes a series of cold, unstimulating strokes. Perhaps even resulting in some pedophile breathing and unexplainable boners. The receiver of the back rub shall then feel inclined to regret choosing such a grammatically incorrect means of demanding a back massage.
Mr Asexual: You're not a lesbian. There! I said it... You owe me one hundred back rubs.

Non-Lesbian Chick: O^O *boner-inducing back rub motion*
by porcupinejelly September 13, 2012
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Started by a porn website, a back rub is when a woman/ gay man asks the man to give her a back rub, but means hold her back as they have anal sex.
The woman rolled onto her back and asked for a back rub.
by FantasticFourFastics August 05, 2014
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