The way that one spells commander if one does not care about adding in the extra "m"
Comander101 is online.
by Matt November 11, 2004
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To take, steal, snatch, or generally claim as your own.
EN: i'm going to comandeer your wallet
RLYN: aw shit my wallet!
by EN STVNS March 3, 2004
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the 12th comandment: thou shall not commit douche baggery
dude hella band geeks are sinnin against the 12th
by Danny boy April 4, 2004
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the comandments set forth by the trap him self freaknizzle, to be a G, respect ur woman-ladies, party hard, and blueberry vodka is the choice of the KINGS!!!
to be a great rapper u should always follow the ghetto comandments.
by Freaknizzle August 12, 2011
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