Collings are really strong people emotionally or physically. They can be really smart or pretty dumb. Collings are pretty half and half when it comes to personality but are usually hardworking people. Collings can be super generous as well and super giving. They have a great sense of humour and are always great to be around unless of coarse you get on their bad side.
Person 1: there’s a Collings

Person 2: they are really smart!

Person 1: and buff!
by Eating cheese probably October 02, 2020
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A guy who thinks he's cool ass, but is actually pretty lame and likely rocks a mohawk. An intentional misspelling.
Damn it, you brought Bud Light Lime again. F@$k you Colles!
by NKTcell July 05, 2011
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variation of the word cool

pronounced like coal.

it is cooler than cool because it has one o and two l's instead of two o's and one l.

can be used in any situation.

usually used with "heck of".

associated with jel and rebecca.
ah ha ha ha. that was heck of coll.

the jel and rebecca club is heck of coll.

jel is heck of coll.

rebecca is heck of coll.

coll! i totally pwned my brother at NCAA 2007 on xbox!
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Having a beard that looks like pubes mixed with mexican corn chowder vomit that's clogging a public toilet.
I've seen that style of facial hair before. It's called a Coll-as. And it looks like shit
by Eteminaki October 18, 2009
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derived from the word "cool".

urban slang for an agreement between two people.
"Hey dude I will be over your's in about 20!"

"Coll dude no problem"
by Roarkey December 04, 2007
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Colling is where someone shits in your hand and you squeeze it then you don't stop until it drys once it has then you shove it back up the same persons who shitted it out asshole.
wow look, Blake over there is colling Ella
by ISlayMorePussy009 April 23, 2017
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Guy who can’t keep his dick hard to have sex with a real girl. Because he is too busy wanking to porn and lying about it! He also is impotent as he cannot orgasm during sex.
J: Hey baby, wanna get it on?
K: nah, have you been pulling a joe Collings today? I don’t want to get chaffing from too much pounding hahahaa
by 9inchNails9 December 28, 2019
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