anything small or short or young basically same as "little"
by esther August 17, 2003
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Liccle is used for describing something small, in the Jamaican slang
"Fiddi don't play no games
Fiddi come clean, Fiddi got loud
Look, man a keep talking 'bout big man
Big man where? Likkle man, sit down
Look, man a keep talking 'bout big man
My lickle man make man sit down
I smoke on the weed, I smoke on the ôunto
I smoke on the lemon, the ammi, the cheese
I phone up PK Humble, we need a robbery
Phone up PK Humble, we need a robbery"-Abracadabra no problem no problem
by Abdirahman Askar(alien October 21, 2017
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A phrase from Jamaican patois generally used to say goodbye to a friend. The basic meaning is I'll catch you later.
'Alright family, bless. Likkle more.'
by Aliveman de Wiseman February 27, 2008
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Jim: look at that likkle man lmfao
Bob: ahlie he is so small xDDDDDDd
by Poison xD December 14, 2019
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a small, cute, orange cat. preferably owned by a Jamaican Family. Not a wanna be Jamaican, a real straight from Jamaica Patwa speaking Jamaican.
"how likkle puss cute suh?"
by haydeeeee December 14, 2009
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