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a person/persons who is considered wrong for an action they committed
Man, what you did to ole girl is cold blooded.
by T.Degree July 20, 2005
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After his mother took me out for a nice steak dinner, I layed that bitch over the table and corn holed her.... Cold blooded...
by Hank G. September 27, 2006
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An adjective meaning cool, usually describing a very raw noun as used by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.
I thought it was just a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before you popped a cap in his ass.
by k-bisch May 11, 2005
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A word which meens cool. (Maybe its just this guy at my skool who says it) synonyms: cool, raw, awesome, dope, ...
Thats cold blooded Gee!
by anonymoss December 18, 2003
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