1. A bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with perforations for draining off liquids and rinsing food.

2. Can also be used as a rockin' hat.
1. Don't bungle the recipe! Make sure you drain your vegetables in a colander.

2. Lindsey wore the colander on her head at a jaunty angle. All the boys wanted her milkshake.
by omi January 26, 2009
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Came out of nowhere and stole my heart.

Brings me joy beyond words and makes me smile till my jaw aches.

Not always easy but that doesn't matter.

My love.
Colander entered my world one cold night in 2010.
by ketchupface October 29, 2012
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flitting , birdlike, from one thing to another, lacking focus, lacking concentration.
"stone me, denis.""since i made you player/manager you're running around like a fart in a colander"
by theWestHamfan November 11, 2003
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a cunt who's always talking about food and can't stop cooking up drama
"Tracy's mom is such a colander cunt, did you hear the way she was talkin about that eggplant"
by jordy shit September 10, 2018
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Colander of Silence: a semi-protected zone where secrets are temporarily kept.
"I need to tell you something super secret that you cannot mention to another person - this is for real, not for the Colander of Silence"
by DK0713 July 12, 2012
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"Oh I just colandated the pasta"
"Can you colandate the pasta for me?"
"While I'm colandating the pasta can you take the garlic bread out the over?"
by WordWizzard42 April 8, 2023
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Colander dick is where the foreskin sticks in such a way to create multiple escape routes for urine, upon taking a piss. This commonly occurs in the early hours of the day, during the morning toilet ritual. The result is a miss fire where neither stream hits the intended target of the bowl. Due to the absence of for-thought at such a time in the morning the colander dick is rarely corrected.
1) Caught out by Colander dick again this morning! i pissed everywhere except the toilet...
2) sorry honey, iIhad the choice of peeing half on the floor and half in the bowl or on both sides of the seat, because of colander dick!
by disaster class April 13, 2016
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