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An example of somebody displaying cognitively dissonant behaviour would be a situation where the persons views, values, beliefs etc are contradicted or opposed by one or other persons causing them mental (psychological) stress. At this point a state of cognition is triggered effectively causing them to refute, reject &/or miss-perceive the contradictory views, values or beliefs.
"smoking will most likely cause you to have cancer you know?"

"hmmm I'm not so sure I know people who have smoked all their lives and they're fine, plus I enjoy it anyway.." this is cognitive dissonance
by Oberon February 05, 2019
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A condition of conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistency between one's beliefs and one's actions, such as opposing the slaughter of animals and eating meat.
This child is going through a state of cognitive dissonance as he imitates his hero while physically beating his friends.
by Nee - Oh - Corn June 05, 2003
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The paradoxical belief that Marxism and Communism lead to the dissolution of Government.
Which happens a lot, because the only historical examples of people to totally overthrow and eliminate government were communistic or directly Marxist. How does that fact give me cognitive dissonance?
by YourConscience March 16, 2019
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Cognitive Dissonance States that contradicting cognitions serve as a driving force that compels the mind to acquire or invent new thoughts or beliefs, or to modify existing beliefs, so as to reduce the amount of dissonance (conflict) between cognitions.
You do a boring job, but is paid $30/hour, so you say that is a nice and interesting job....'well, it is not cognitive dissonance, I think is a great new job!!'

You are deciding about two movies, your girlfriend wants to see the most boring one so after the cinema, you think it was a good movie and cool after all.
by David Mendoza November 09, 2006
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Knowing you made the wrong choice but are too stubborn to correct yourself and therefore deny it by saying everyone else made the wrong choice.
PS3 fanboy: PS3 KICKS 360'S ASS ANYDAY.

Xbox fanboy: Uhhh...Okay. Cognitive dissonance. I'll just go back to playing Halo 3.
by hobolikker May 26, 2009
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I'm feeling cognitive dissonance like Susan Collins when I claim I support survivors but I vote for Bret Kavanaugh.
by ravenpaige October 06, 2018
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