juice of a plant that gives life and suppresses the urge for murder
by CallMeWish November 3, 2017
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If I don't have my coffee today, I'm going to kill someone.
by A Stove November 28, 2013
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When i wake up in the morning, its there. When i go outside, its in my hand. when i go to sleep, its there, next to me.
This is what caffeine and coffee does to me does to me:)
by Coffeeaddict5000 July 24, 2011
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sex in its liquid form
coffee is the greatest and most vital invention since the wheel
by cyber573 April 9, 2008
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The best drink ever... glory...
" I would like some coffee." "what will it be..?" "Medium double double"
by Michelle December 13, 2004
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