A woman whose vagina smells very bad
I ran off her bed. She's a stinking codfish.
by etzelet September 8, 2010
hey codfish, pass over another stubby,eh.I'm parched.eh.
by chris oliver April 22, 2005
friendly guy who doesn't actually like fish that much he likes other animals more its just he a meme xd
That guy acts like such a codfish
by catbearxd October 3, 2017
Codfish is a fish (no shit) who lives in the city with a pretty decent football team in the form of Wolverhampton. Hes pre pubescent even though hes in his last year of high school, and thinks hes the best at rainbow six siege and calls everyone daddy for literally no reason. Im being serious this kid needs to STOP!
Codfish: *guitar strumming intensifies*

Everyone else in the party: oh ffs
by The Big Ham January 14, 2020
When you're constantly being salty towards your friends, you can be considered a codfish.
by Lmaocams July 10, 2020
Term used to describe someone whose eyes sit on the side of their head. This condition is said to be caused in utero when the fetuses eyes do not migrate to the proper position. This is considered a genetic mutation. It causes the sufferer to resemble a codfish or even a hammerhead shark.
"That girl looks like a codfish, let her back in the ocean."
by whitty323 September 28, 2008
Someone who overly obsesses with COD, sometimes found on chat forums.
CODfish - "Dude this Ak-99 versus double rocket launcher totally rips but Ak-77 beats the shiz yo' man whoever didn't play COD has no life and I'm totally killing it yo' gotta bomb these 3 bro's oh hell no damn he shot me with his turret I'm gonna play for 16 hours until I get my damn XOX 77-missle dude stop shooting me."
by Stephan J. August 19, 2014