The most bad-ass animal ever created
God: We need to make something great.
Angel: How about a shark that can beat the shit out of people without biting them, it’s called a hammerhead shark
God: That defeats the purpose of a shark but ok.
by SpeedySmith July 27, 2018
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When a male closes his eyes while undressed and waves their member back and forth, like a hammerhead shark, in an attempt to locate their mate.
Freddy undressed, closed his eyes, and began hammerhead sharking to find Judy through electroreception.
by GZX959 October 30, 2015
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When two people, at least one being male, have oral sex and the person sucking cannot see the penis of their partner. This is known as hammerhead sharking because a hammerhead shark has eyes facing sideways and would not see a penis sticking out of their mouth. It is also a play on words as "head" is another word for oral sex.
Brown and Roberto see each other in the middle of a sidewalk. They advance toward each other and start with a handshake. "What's up my nigga!" Says Brown. "Hey! I've been doing fantastic. Yesterday evening, my girl and I were hammerhead sharking!" Says Roberto. "Dang nigga!" Exclaims Brown.
by ThatsjustHowitis April 5, 2019
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