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Best Buy Term called over the intercom to signal other associates to come up front and help cashiers.
"Code 1 to the front please, Code 1"
by Best Buy February 27, 2008
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A. To issue or give the middle finger.


B. To Fuck Off.
1. I asked my manager for a pay raise and he issued a code 1 right to my face. I guess I may as well go home and issue a code 1 up my own ass.

2. Things were getting hot and heavy on the first date, so I issued a code 1 to her pussy until she had a orgasm. She sent me home with Blue Balls. : (
by solaris123 June 25, 2010
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The term for an extremely overweight Indian who loves the Yankees and jerking off to pics of A-Rod in a thong.
by My name is not Samir April 05, 2011
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