when your off to play call of duty :)
me and jimmy are going to cod it tonight
by ha2a110 November 15, 2009
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The game where I have to mute everyone on because they are annoying morons.
Guy goes into COD lobby and its full of annoying 10 year olds screaming. Mutes everyone.
by Nick7805 June 4, 2012
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Cods seldom survive an encounter with an alligator snapping turtle while swimming naked.
by harry flashman July 16, 2003
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Classic Old Dude. Any male over 35 who has a penchant for dating younger women, usually of a different background. Money is usually paid in return. A COD usually has several (or all) of the following traits:

- Not particularly rich.
- Below average looks.
- Above average weight.
- Receding hairline.
- Vertically challenged.
- Low self esteem.

A common stomping ground for a COD is South East Asia, with Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand, being a favourite destination. When a COD returns to his homeland, the relationship is funded via Western Union, with the girl sending a stock standard email in return.
"There goes the COD, off to buy some more Viagra".
by John Silver September 1, 2006
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Country Irish slang describing the act of fooling someone, often yourself.
You couldn't drink fifteen pints, don't be codding yourself
by Gwame August 17, 2008
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A term that was once known to be a fish but soon grew out when some sad person thought it would be smart to identify Call Of Duty as COD. What a bean....
Jo: Fancy a bit of cod with me?
Ralph: Thats offensive, im vegetarian...
by Jimbo Johnny Josoph November 1, 2011
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