To take vacation or comfort in the solitude one's own home --in effect wrapping oneself up, away from crowds or busy other places.
Some sociologist say that more and more more Americans, tired of increasing discomforts and cost of travel take to cocooning in one's own home.
by Luddz June 4, 2015
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retreating to the seclusion of your home (as for privacy or escape)
I put on my favorite bulky clothes and laid on the sofa for hours. I was cocooning because I did not want to be bothered by anyone today.
by Suzie Quinn April 27, 2007
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This is the period of time that typically lasts anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes, after a person takes their final drag from their marijuana supply. This is a built-in defense mechanism which is triggered by the fact that said person is tripping balls too hard to conduct any sort of productive interaction with any other living organism. Fully isolated shelter is the goal.
Peter: "Hey, yo Mike! Have you been able to get hold of Willie? I sent him 3 texts about 20 minutes ago, about that emergency situation over at the Jinks warehouse."

Mike: "Yeah, he sounded like he was going to puff on the magic dragon with some friends during his lunch today. He's probably in the back of the shop office cocooning right now, no doubt!"
by clubberj April 1, 2021
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Is like spooning, but when the little spoon is so small that they are totally wrapped and enveloped in their larger partners special hug that they appear to actually be in a cocoon.
She was so well covered in his flesh when spooning last night, she was actually cocooning.

Did you see that cute chick emerge from that hug?

That was not hugging, that was cocooning, and she was the butterfly.
by London Plank December 27, 2011
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When someone excludes themselves from society and attempts to improve on a certain factor of themselves such as a particular skill, their personal appearance or an assignment so when they're done they feel like a beautiful butterfly.
Person A: "Is Andrew coming to the party?"
Person B: "Nah he's cocooning."
Person A: "What for?"
Person B: "He's trying to get in shape."
by theguyfromthepole November 9, 2013
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when an ugly child becomes a hot teen or adult.
"wow alex was an ugly child!"
"yeah man but she's a cocooner"
"it's too bad her sister was a reverse cocooner"
"i know tell me about it"
by ugaswimmer August 25, 2008
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Usually occurs when laying on one's back when wrapped in blanket so that only their head is shown; blanket is also tucked under their feet and under arms. Looks like one is making a cocoon as butterflies would.
Girl walks into living room where she see's her sister watching tv, tightly cuddled into a blanket.

Girl: "Aw, look at you all nestled up there."
Sister: "Yeah, im cocooning, it's the best way to keep warm."
by MissMakeup August 23, 2011
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