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When a woman is occupied by another man.

Can mean sexually or simply speaking with.

If you wish to speak to a woman, and she is currently speaking with another man, she is said to be cockupied.

NOTE: The other definition listed here should be classified as "Precockupied"
Damn, Slim! All the broads at this party are cockupied! How am I supposed to put my thang down here?!

I told you this shit was wack! Let's go to da club! Der be da freaks!
by Michael P September 16, 2006
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Describing a situation in which a girl is speaking with a man other than yourself. The girl is occupied by a cock, cockupied.
Hey George, why aren't you talking to Laura?

Ahh shucks Dick, she's cockupied by that asshole Donald!
by The Supporter November 06, 2005
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Occupied by being in the midst of any sex acts involving the penis.
I tried calling him to confirm our lunch plans but he was cockupied.
by outhouse April 13, 2009
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Similar to occupied but specifically referring to one's (or another"s) penis. Can also include instances in which one is made busy by any action with intent to use one's penis
Example 1
Phil: "Hey, where's Rob? I thought he said he be here tonight."

Jerry: "Yeah, he did. But he met a cute girl at the bar and wouldn't leave."

Phil: "That Rob, he's always cockupied..."

Example 2
Jack (waiting in line for the bathroom after a long night at the bar with a friend): "Hey man, you still cockupied in there or can I take a leak??"

Example 3
The urologist had a long day at work after being consistently cockupied for 8 straight hours.
by Coma66 August 21, 2009
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A description for a place or event that is full of dudes (i.e. occupied by cocks).

brodeo, sausage fest, meat convention- these are all places/events that would be described as cockupied.
Derd 1: "Hey, let's go try to get some girls to touch our wieners!"

Derd 2: "Ok, but we're not going to Squirrel's house again. It's useless. That dude's parties are always just cockupied."
by Mertt February 04, 2009
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When a woman is obsessed with male genetalia. The female equivilant of "pussy whipped".
Her boyfriend must be hung, 'cause she's obviously cockupied.
by D. Meyers February 17, 2004
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Cockupied- When one has a male part currently occupying their special part. Just thought you should know 😊
Allen: Hey Lisa, have u seen Jenny lately?
Lisa: Sorry, I'm pretty sure she's in bed and enjoying being cockupied
by just-another-frother July 02, 2015
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