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1. An act of complete and total idiocy, committed by someone who has been forewarned about the lameness of the act about to be committed.

2. Describes one who repeatedly does the same foolish act repeatedly with self-deprecating results.
Chaz: Mike's been wearing that Slayer shirt for like a week, he fucking stinks.

Nate: I know, I told his ass.

Chaz: He's cocktarded dude.

Nate: I know, right.
by {pole} July 03, 2008
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A temporary state of impaired mental ability caused by being either sexually frustrated or extremely turned on
While typing this, Tom Brady's sexy ass appeared on TV and I became so cocktarded I totally forgot what I was doing. I had to flick the bean before I could type legibly again.
by tragicvanity July 31, 2017
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