1. A party, event, or congregation where the number of males is significantly higher than the number of females.
2. Somewhere most girls have already been taken.
3. An event or party where you have had a taste of all girls present.
#3 gets golden extra points that can be added for the status of PIMP.

1. That frat party was cocked out man! It was a fucking sausage fest in there.

2. We showed up too late... all the single girls were cocked out by then.

3. PIMP:Fuck this, man. I've had every single one of girls at this party; for me this is cocked out.
WINGMAN: You're right man, lets move out.
by oneOFemPIMPS April 4, 2009
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to act cocky to the max that you have no more cockyness in you.
"i hope i don't get too cocky when i do it"
"naw man, you can be cocked out all you want."
by esul May 24, 2008
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V. To be shut out by a smokin hot girl, due to the simple fact that there are just too many other cocks around her. (for the less intelligent, this is not a good thing)

A common occurence at bars/clubs/frat parties.
I saw this amazingly gorgeous girl at the keg, but I was cocked out by the 8 frat boys she was with.
by teezy33 December 2, 2006
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When your friend pulls out
His cock on purpose and you see it
Tim look cock out "pulls cock out"
by Ghyjvjunj August 6, 2015
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cocking out is when one is done with sexual relations for the day. Similar to clocking out from a workplace.
Girl: Let's fuck some more.

Guy: Sorry babe, i'm cocking out for the day.
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When departures or arrivals are busy as fuck, and polish lot and british are coming in late and the office girls and supervisors make you stay manditory overtime but you clock out your timecard really quick and sneaky like and run to catch the amc bus before anyone notices you clocked out early
You should "cock out" before they make you do air india locals.
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An exclamation of when the penis becomes erect and is pulled from the inside of one's underwear for viewing. It is a term that is generally used by the driver in the front seat suggesting that his friend is ready for horseplay with his bitch in the backseat.
Mike: Hey Tony, so that was some concert, huh? Boy, that Blue Oyster Cult can rock, man that cow bell was..was..what the? (twists head to the backseat) COCK OUT! COCK OUT!
by Plasty1 September 16, 2006
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