When a room in one's living quarters is full of random clutter, causing one to stumble through or walk around things in the room. The clutter can be consisted of furniture, boxes, or anything in excess.

Alternative Use: Clutter-fuck is also a type of prank that can be used against anyone who annoys you. In order to clutter-fuck someone, you must first wait until they are either asleep or away from home. Then break into their house and fill a pre-determined room full of random clutter, or anything in excess. The person or persons performing these strategic activities are seen as clutter-fucking someone, and, well, the person or persons on the receiving end are being clutter-fucked.
'My mother is one of those freaky old ladies who hoards ceramic roosters, when you walk through the front door all you see is one big clutter-fuck of a ceramic chicken coop. Disturbing, I know.'

'Those pesky neighborhood kids clutter-fucked me yet again, I woke up this morning to a room full of balloon's made out of condoms and those colorful noodles you swim with. What will I do with these noodles, Oh, if it was only summer.'
by Holla!Holla!Holla! April 20, 2011
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n. a cluttered area, usually a desk or table, that is so bad that the space is virtually unusable
I couldn't get any work done because my desk was a total clutterfuck.
by Swagatone April 25, 2014
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a big, old, crazy-disorganized mess. some may compare to clusterfuck but clutterfuck is a bigger commodity, as a cluster is a small mass of a mess or mishap and a clutter is a bigger, disorganized mess.
Rush hour traffic is such a clutterfuck!
by herren March 30, 2009
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what a house with two kids and animals becomes after a week of no time to clean.
It is a real clutterfuck in here! (not to be said in front of children)
by Nicoleode October 03, 2006
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It's when you tie up someone, slit their throat and proceed to have sexual intercourse with them through the hole in their throat. Mixture of the word Clutter, as in the Clutter Family Murders, made famous in 1965 by Truman Capote's famous book, In Cold Blood. And the word Fuck, which means to have sex.
Dude, I totally Clutter Fucked this family last night.

The news said that a family was killed by Clutter Fuck last night.
by tvb311 December 19, 2015
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Hey look, I found strawberries! While clutterfucking!

Clutterfucking is such an adventure in here you never know what you're going to uncover.
by 5704 January 22, 2011
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