to have a Cal Clutterbuck jersey on while fucking a girl
Dude... last night after the Wild game i clutterfucked my girlfriend!
by jimbob95 January 12, 2011
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a big, old, crazy-disorganized mess. some may compare to clusterfuck but clutterfuck is a bigger commodity, as a cluster is a small mass of a mess or mishap and a clutter is a bigger, disorganized mess.
Rush hour traffic is such a clutterfuck!
by herren March 31, 2009
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n. a cluttered area, usually a desk or table, that is so bad that the space is virtually unusable
I couldn't get any work done because my desk was a total clutterfuck.
by Swagatone April 25, 2014
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what a house with two kids and animals becomes after a week of no time to clean.
It is a real clutterfuck in here! (not to be said in front of children)
by Nicoleode October 3, 2006
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Hey look, I found strawberries! While clutterfucking!

Clutterfucking is such an adventure in here you never know what you're going to uncover.
by 5704 January 23, 2011
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a man or a woman that fucks with clutter around them mainly with sex toys, bras, and there other random shit
oh i fucked my girl with a pure clutterfuck
by jeffis March 20, 2020
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