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Stagger Lee is one bad mother fucker. His legend is eternal along with his presence (even though he was around in the 1930s). He bangs all sorts of gals, resulting in a blinding hatred from his disgruntled wife. She throws him out into the rain and the sleet, leading to him drowning his sorrows in The Bucket Of Blood.

He takes out his frustrations on the bar-tender, putting 4 holes in the cunt's head, simply because he hadn't heard tell of Stagger's exploits. He then forces Billy Dilly to suck him of before blasting a hole in his head with a shot-gun.

Stagger is basically a mad bastard, he fucks shit and people up, feels no remorse and goes home and contemplates what he did over a nice candle-lit dinner of testicles and liver. He has been known to laugh at the corpses of young children and to stab himself in the leg for light entertainment.
1) Cardinal: "Here Matt, watch your asshole. It's common knowledge that Stagger Lee will climb over 50 pussies to get to one boy's fat asshole."

2) Stagger Lee: "Don't you know who I am? I'm the bad mother fucker called Stagger Lee"

Bar-tender: "Nah mate, never heard tell of you"

Stagger puts 4 bullets in bar-tender's head.
by Nick Cave August 15, 2010
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