It is a slang word for when a women ejaculates, and it rolls down her leg and drips off her big toe.
Man 01 "Dude you suck!"
Man 02 "Oh go drink your mums clush out of your dads eybrow!"
by Falkinor May 29, 2004
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A Client that you have a Crush on..... CL(ient) (Cr) to the writers of Entourage and Mark Walhberg (Executive Producer).
Nosey Associate: "Hey, who are you talking to, does not seem like that was a business call...."
Entrepreneur:"I was talking to Anna Maria, my new client!"
Nosey Associate: "Oh, sounds more like a Clush to me?"
Entrepreneur: "She has got a lot to offer, she is smart, sexy, and has a great personality!."
Nosey Associate:"Like I said, not just a client, but a clush!"
by Anna Maria Paola September 1, 2007
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a client crush; used on entourage when drama makes fun of E and his new client Ana Faris
Sam: Hey you have a clush on Tina!!
Derick: A what??
Sam: A clush... all I'm saying is be careful when mixing business with pleasure because that can mess up your client relationship...
by Emily Lindahl August 30, 2007
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it s the feeling you have when you can t find anyword to describe wht you feel
-oh maurice what s the matter with you ? you are not feeling well today ?
-no it s not that.... i just don t know what i feel...i m clushed
by Jelly bean June 28, 2010
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when you absolutely just crush someone beyond belief.
Damn, Karl just clushed Jordan in ping pong!
by bigbdubs September 14, 2018
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"Lauren you look homeless but you look cute homeless" -friends
"omgyouguys I'm gunna start clushing" -me
by Stroongle Stonkskin February 16, 2022
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