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An object either a) being or b) resembling a stick.

A cluestick is used to beat the clueless into submission until he, she or it gains clue.

Also known as a "clue-by-four" and closely associated with the "Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool" LART
Billy took a cluestick to the face after his computer brought down the network with a virus that came with his latest pr0n
by beddo May 11, 2004

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1) A person who partakes in an event of which they have no understanding, often having a negative impact upon others.

2) A person in need of meeting with a cluestick
Bob ran his own mailserver but never realised why his Internet connection suddenly became very slow.
Subsequently, Bob got very angry with people accusing him of spamming because no spam could ever come from his computer.
by beddo May 11, 2004

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