Abbreviation of “Chi Lun Sin”, Cantonese phrase meaning “fucking crazy”.

Chi Sin = Crazy/Mad/Insane; Lun = Penis/when used in the middle of a phrase it translates into “fucking”.
“Nei dou cls geh.” You are fucking crazy.

Cls kui warn dou ho din.” Fucking mad he/she got really wild.
by Hongkongerrrr March 14, 2019
Cock Loving Slut: A promiscuous woman who can't get enough penis.
Jamal: That bitch Sam is a CLS!
CJ: Fo' shizz, throw some D's on that bitch!
by ARZon November 16, 2007
A free website where people go to post, and talk about, all sorts of things. CL or Craigslist was started in San Francisco and now has boards for many major cities in the US and the world. It has become a major source of entertainment and distraction in the work place.
I found my job, my appartment, my roomates and I bitched about my day on CL.
by Burgher_NY March 23, 2006
Chin Landing Strip, a strongly-defined soul patch beard, used to guide a penis into a precise landing pattern so that the cock enters the CLS owner's eager mouth.

A CLS is a mustacheless variation of prison pussy.
That weird old man clipped his whiskers into a CLS. His CLS encourages more and more dicks to come in for a landing.
by Yank Doodler June 11, 2020
An abbreviation for the word "cool" or in some cases "call" meaning "call me"
(over text)

William: "This is my number, Carl, cl" (call)
Carl: "cl" (cool)
by Astronomy45 April 16, 2019
Cl me ASAP re. no laughing matter, tehe.
by Hercolena Oliver May 27, 2010