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One of the best flavored cigars, made by Drew Estates. Kahlua cigars are made with Nicaraguan tobacco. Kahlua cigars have a distinctive coffee-liqueur flavor which sets them apart from any other premium brand. The coffee-liqueur flavor of Kahlua creates an unforgettable smoking experience.

As of March 2008, Drew Estates announced that they will stop production of the Kahlua cigar. Although you can still find them in some places (mostly online), they were replaced by the Tabak Especial cigar, which has a similar flavor.
Dude, Kahlua cigars were amazing, I wish they still made them.

Even though Tabak Cigars are good, there's no replacement to the original Kahlua. They do taste different.
by osiris010 March 08, 2009
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A common name for the Djarum brand of kretek cigarettes. The name clove comes from the clove content in the cigarette. These cigarettes burn longer, are longer (but slightly skinnier) than regular cigarettes, and taste sweet.
They are also referred to as kreteks, because of the noise they give off when inhaled (pop, pop).
The smoke they give off is pleasant smelling and also contains something that numbs the smokers mouth/throat after smoking one. Also called Blacks, because of the black paper they are wrapped in and the larger bold faced lettering on the package reads: BLACK

They are on the expensive side (only draw back).
Comes in packs of 20. Djarum has many different varieties including vanilla, super, supersmooths and cherry (plus more)

Another nick name is Christmas, because the smell of the smoke is often related to the Christmas season.
Hey man, can I bum a clove off you?

Are you smoking blacks?
Ya man, totally worth $6.50 a pack

Dude, yesterday I was moving Christmas decorations for my mom and I opened the one box and it smelled just like a Black.
by osiris010 March 08, 2009
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