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An act in which an intoxicated (drunk) human being
drives a moving vehicle.
Drunk Driving is exremely serious and over all NOT a game.
Often causes wrecks, injuries, deaths, mutilation and is illegal in all states.
by MeganMalfunction January 16, 2010
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an extremely entertaining sport/recreational activity that can unfortunately have negative legal and/or physical consequences.
So what do you feel like doing tonight, actually going drunk driving or just watching it on TV?
by Nick D September 23, 2003
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see Senatoer Edward M. Kennedy (AKA Ted)
Ted Kennedy was drunk driving when Mary Jo Kopechne drown after a party on Chappaquiddick Island.

His son U.S. Representative Patrick J. Kennedy has fallen close to the tree as well; see the May 2006 Capitol Hill accident.
by I'm teh real Ali Baba May 18, 2006
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