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Contraction. A gay rapist
Andy is a gaypist.
by baier June 13, 2004
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1. To take two fingers, and firmly shove it through your friends clothes buttocks, towards the anus.

Background: In the 1920's Clevand Area, Theodore Q. Adams III, sat on a sugar packet, while naked, the packet of sugar clung to his naked butt. Later on, people would actually try to shove a sugar packet into another man's anus. Eventually, the practice of shoving the sugar packet into the anus dissappeared, and "the old sugar packet" evolved into it's current form.
Pace gave Andy the old sugar packet.
by Baier June 04, 2004
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To {cornhole}
Lets go six by six
by baier June 13, 2004
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To cornhole. See Cornholing
Hey lets go close to home
by Baier July 19, 2004
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