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24/7 drug dealer. I believe the term was coined by the movie/book "Clockers"
Don't go too close to that bench, those guys are clockers.
by Aiek October 17, 2003
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The paltry yet tempestuous mascot accalaimed by the student population of Ashland High School, which consists primarily of pompous jocks, brainless potheads, deranged latinos, barrio brazillians, and your ocasional normal persons. The clock, as Ashland Massachusetts claim to fame, is a powerful mascot with a dying movement. During the late 1990's to very early 2000's, up until about 2005, the Clockers were a strong support system for its sports team with witty slogans and impassioned fans, however, as the younger classes moved up to the upper echelons of the school system, the movement sadly dwindled. They lost their sense of structure. Freshmen began to act up, as though they had some authority in the system, which is perhaps due to their overprotective parents who gave them this new sense of empowerment, sophmores began to believe they were top notch, and the juniors, well we all know they were just idiots. Perhaps a little hazing, which was outlawed around 2002, would have done these scallywags some good. It was not only the student population that was bringing about this anarchy, it was also the school system itself, the teachers, for the most part, were petafiles, loudmouths, guitar playing idiots, over zelous band teachers, fake tan gym teachers, and pretty much idiots, the principle was incompetent, the vice principle was a lonely man who took it out on the students, probably also some sort of alcoholic or drug addict, and the superintendent was worthless and could barely think for himself, as proven by his various graduation speeches which simply quoted inspirational truisms of previous geniouses. As is word of mouth, the new administration has failed to rise above the meager standards set before them. It is sad to say that Ashland High School and the Clocker movement has died along with the authentic architecture.
Ashland High School Clockers

Clocker #1: Suck My Clock!
Clocker #2: Can't Stop time!
Clocker #3: This school sucks.
by concerned ex clocker April 03, 2006
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Someone making money. It doesn't have to be drug money. It just means making any money. Like you "clock" in at work. But it doesn't have to mean making money from a 9-5 job.
by L to the C May 04, 2006
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Similar to the sexual position, the "Shocker", only as the woman begins to orgasm, you suckerpunch her in the head and knock her out cold, then cum on her face while she is passed out. Can also be performed in conjunction with a "Spocker" or "Rocker".
Every time a bitch says she likes the Shocker, I suprise her with a Clocker instead!
by grapevine June 10, 2009
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Amtrak local service between NY-Philly.
May I have a one-way fare on the 5:30 Clocker to Trenton?
by 7 Train January 27, 2004
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You turn around and punch them in the face in rage and hit someone as hard as you can and have them go down in pain
Yesterday I saw a man clocker him in the face
by Smatarted October 09, 2014
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