A code phrase that can be used safetly between friends who want to get high while they are in the presence of others whom they do not want to find out.
Mom: "Where are you going honey?"
Me: "To climb the mountain with George."
Mom: "Ok honey, have a good hike!"
by Kskronz December 21, 2013
The act of having sex with a very large and fat woman in which the man must actually climb her to penetrate her.
Chubby B here loves the fat girls, hes been climbing the mountain for sex since he was 12.
by J-A Jewberg September 24, 2007
Have sex missionary style with an extremely obese woman.
"Jason's girlfriend sure is fat! Does he climb that mountain?" or "He climbs that mountain?"
by Big Steve F. July 14, 2008
Short guys pursuing taller women.

Often trying to compensate for their own height.
"Damn, that guy is only as tall as her boobs. Now that's what I call climbing the mountain."

"I don't date short men. If you're obsessed with climbing the mountain, go climb Mount Everest."
by lockedown January 21, 2010
there really is no defining. If you are here, good chances your mind is twisted and can figure it out. If not, phone a friend.
Upon his return from a long trip away, she was ready to climb the daddy mountain
by Walter Gaspipe White November 7, 2013