To prevent a snoopy mom, girlfriend, etc. from looking at your recent internet activity, one should always clear history.
Chris: Did you check out the Sasha Grey link I sent you.

Matt: She's fit bro. Thanks for the link!

Chris: Of course man, no worries. Did you use your mom's 17 inch laptop to watch it?

Matt: Sure did.

Chris: Well, I sure hope your cleared your history.

Matt: Damn, I forgot to clear history! I'm gonna get butt fucked like sasha grey when I get home!
by Middlebury November 27, 2010
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The double entendre figure of speech referring to the process of actually clearing your computer history/cookies and a masturbation session that results in an orgasm.
Im sorry im late for drinks guys, but i was "clearing my history".

My wife and kids were home, i was rapidly "clearing my history".
by ponzi_joe June 5, 2013
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when you go to pornhub and you need to clear your history
friend: how come you don't have anything in your history
me: oh i was on pornhub
clearing your browsing history is something you do when you went to pornhub
by NameSiren435547 February 8, 2021
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1. The act of erasing all evidence of wrong-doing. A metaphor based on the common custom of clearing one's browser history on a computer after watching porn.

2. or more literally, erasing the viewable browser history of a computer to hide the fact that you just watched porn.
Dominic: "Dude, I didn't do the Algebra II homework last night, so I did it all over lunch"
Ben: "When it comes to clearing your browser history, you work faster than anyone I know."
by kingdomo October 10, 2013
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The act of wiping ones rusty Sherif badge after a hard wired or WI-Fi down load
Have been for a hard wired down load in there the big roll is rough I felt like not Clearing history
by Spogetastic July 7, 2016
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Clear my browser history means, as it sounds the act of clearing ones browser history usually with the motive of not wanting anyone to see what was on your computer e.x. porn.
Mom: honey can i use your computer
U: sure one second
U: (thinks to self) gotta clear my browser history nobody but me can see that Texas style gang-bang porno.
by HentaiMaster9001 March 22, 2016
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