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that one play button we all want there to be because you don't have 100 K subs on youtube
bronze play button is the play button you will get when you hit 10 K on youtube
by NameSiren435547 January 23, 2021
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like a gaming pc but you can bring it places
here is my ipad play on that. i have a gaming laptop
by NameSiren435547 December 26, 2020
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when your having fun it means your drunk or your having sex
mom: what were you doing with your girl friend
me: oh having fun
by NameSiren435547 January 19, 2021
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the best WIFI router you can get the min fridge you can get and the best toaster you can get
PS5, Xbox Series X, Nento Switch are the best home appliances you can get
by NameSiren435547 January 19, 2021
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that on streaming platform that no one uses unless you are on xbox.
friend: what do you steam on cause on PC i stream on twitch
me: oh i stream on mixer
friend: oh will that must suck
by NameSiren435547 January 19, 2021
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Me (F14) and my step brother (M17) were home alone. It was friday night and our parents were at their friends house and they wouldn't be back till the next day like they always were. We were watching a movie when a sex scene came on. He told me to go up stairs and he would call me back down when it ended. The sex scene had gotten me horny and I started watching porn and masturbaiting. My step brother called me down 5 minutes later and I was dripping wet. He must have saw my pants were soaked. “What were you doing in your room” he asked. I told him I was doing nothing but he knew that was bull shit. He went over and looked at the camera footage we had set up incase anything happens. I forgot to delete the footage and he saw everything. “I won’t tell anyone under 1 condition” he said. I knew what it was. I looked down at his paints he was as hard as a rock. I wanted it. Ever since my best friend had gotten fucked by her boyfriend she told me it was the best feeling ever. I instantly got on my knees pulled his pants down and started giving him a blowjob to his 10 inch cock.
Even though I was a virgin I had watched videos on porn sites on how to give a good blow job and I followed all of the tips. He cummed after 7 minutes and I swallowed every last drop. Then he took his clothes off and I saw his rock hard 6 pack. Until this moment I never realized how hot he was.“Good blow job you little slut. Oh ya one more condition you got to call me Daddy when ever we fuck”. “Yes Daddy” I replied. “Good girl”. We went upstairs to my room and he striped me down. Because you gave me such a good bolwjob im going to give eat you out. “Do it daddy”. He started to eat me out it felt so good. I cummed after 3 minutes. After that he instantly put his massive cock inside of me. “YES DADDY”. “You like this you little slut”. “Faster Faster Faster” he listened my eyes rolled to the back of my head allowing him to fuck me endlesly. “Daddy i want you to cum in my pussy” i told him needing cum in side of me. He instantly cummed inside of me. “YES DADDY”. I then sucked his dick again and swallowed again. Now every friday when our parents go out for the night we go upstairs and fuck. After some point he got me pregnet.

This was a sex story I wrote during class because I wanted my dick sucked (PS its easier making a story from a girls POV then a guys look at all the other ones. so its fake guys calm down)

step sis: this was a grate story.

me: wanna do this.
by NameSiren435547 May 2, 2023
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when you go to pornhub and you need to clear your history
friend: how come you don't have anything in your history
me: oh i was on pornhub
clearing your browsing history is something you do when you went to pornhub
by NameSiren435547 February 8, 2021
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