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A strong and silent type. He doesn't say much but when he does it really counts. His humor is subtle and you can only catch it if you are smart enough to pay attention. Sherif is handsome, sweet, and loyal. Sherif often has lucious lips and knows how to use them. Sherif's are attracted to Tara's who really give them what they need, a private audience.
"Girl, Sherif is so good looking I wish I could get more attention from him."
"Change your name to Tara"
by sweetmom February 04, 2010
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A annoying boy sometimes, really funny and cool when we wants to be. He can be difficult at times but he’s basically a class clown, always making someone laugh. Everyone should have a Sherif cause they’ll need him. When they’re sad, when they’re happy, when they just need a person to talk, call Sherif and he’ll be right there for you.
I’m sad
Talk to Sherif”
by Ordinarygirl December 14, 2017
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A Legendary creature that many people doubt its actual existence and believe in it as a mythical being, as god created the devil but wouldn’t create such evil being (he wouldn’t take it that far). That creature even though it eats and drinks like other beings but its basic mean of survival is to feast on other people’s fears, tears and pains so when it is not surrounded by such feelings it starts to create some for its own through abusing other beings and recording it visually to capture and relive the moment. It has its own war cries and its favorite style of attacking is to warn the other being right before it strikes so that the poor victim would realize what is about to happen but would never get the chance to defend it self. Its favorite abuse prey is another creature called “Hedra” and it never kills it but rather plays with it and puts it through misery that would never end.
Dany: did you hear about what happened to that guy who was attacked by a sherif?
Andre: dude that was beyond freaky!!!
Richard: I wouldnt like to be in his shoes.
Hedra: what are you noobs talkin about there is no such thing you fobs a sherif would never....
Dany, Andre, Richard: HEDRAAAAAAAA!!!!!
by Dconstantine September 09, 2006
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All around the greatest partner anyone can have. A very loyal companion with undeniable charm ;) and the greatest sense of humour. Sherifs tend to be both tall and handsome and have a skill when it comes to talking to the ladies :D Moreover something about them tends to be incredibly attractive from the first glance. Their touch is magic and their words tend to be paradise. However a Sherifs only great flaw is the inability to stay on top of time without distractions as well as the well earned narcissism but, overall these are two traits that can be easily ignored due to all their wonderful and astoundingly sexy traits that shall never be forgotten!
Who is he?”
“Sherif, I know! Cute, right?!”
by Sob7eya June 07, 2020
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