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When you are riding with a car load of Jewish friends, lock all windows and doors and then you release a silent and extremely foul smelling fart. Preferably the fart stems was built up with a German based meal...I.e. Brats, weiner schnitzel, sauerkraut
Dude, I totally got Ari, Jonah, and Josh with The Auschwitz

Fart Jewish jew crop dusting dutch oven car fart
by ponzi_joe December 31, 2015
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An older man that is rich and is excellent physical shape. He is most likely on HGH or some other form of steroids. His sugar intake is minimal, therefore he has to be a splenda daddy. Splenda Daddys usually only date woman 20-30 years younger and will also wear clothing WAY too young for them...i.e converse and fancy belts with shiny belt buckles..
Dude that guy isnt a sugar daddy, he is rich and in great shape...he must be a splenda daddy.

sugar daddy older man rich guy hgh steroids
by ponzi_joe May 13, 2015
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The aftermath of period sex. The bedsheets look like a large animal was mutilated on the bed. Not to be confused with the popular "Build a Bear" store at your local mall.
Dude, I thought my girl was finished with here period and after sex I turned on the lights and it looked like someone killed a bear.

period rag bloody sex build a bear gore
by ponzi_joe May 13, 2015
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When a black man is blending in with his white friends.

This will usually apply to dress, speech and mannerisms. There will be very limited use of urban slang and pant sagging. Nerdy glasses will usually be part of the attire.
Dude, did you see Jerome last night hanging out at the Martini Bar? He was dancing to 80's pop music, wearing Abercrombie, and smoking Marloboros. He was totally incognegro.
by ponzi_joe July 21, 2013
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Term that mostly applies for someone who is half black and half white.

Being half Puerto Rican also qualifies.
Hope decided to break the news to her husband that she's been sleeping with a halfrican. She thought the new term would soften the blow.

My Dad is white and my mom is Puerto Rican. That makes me a halfrican.

That halfrican is really fast, which parent you think is the white side?
by ponzi_joe July 21, 2013
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When someone uses out-dated sexual terms or references. Examples of such terms.."porking", "porno", "hussy", "gay-lord" ect
Me- I was talking to Rick the other day and he said he was going home to "pork" his wife.
Lew- Ha! what did you say to that?
Me- I asked him if he was Rusty from "European Vacation"
Lew- He's so porntiquated..
by ponzi_joe July 21, 2013
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Another term for anal sex. Princeton basketball is famous for running an offense that enables them to get back door lay up 2 point baskets.
We decided against traditional sex last night and instead we ran the Princeton offense.

I spread it out and Ran the Princeton offense.
by ponzi_joe June 30, 2013
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