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Hands down one of the BEST rappers to have lived. Born and rasied in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Know for classic hip-hop albums such as "Ready to Die" and "Life after Death" A man to have "Brought the East back" during the west-coast reign over rap music. Arguably the GREATEST MC to touch the mic.
"Notorious Big is the best ever..."
by Tim Shady May 15, 2005

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he REALIST MOTHERFUCKIN place in the world. Fuck them other ghettos yall hear about. Nothing is close to the REAL SHIT that goes on in BROOKLYN. Home to some of the worst neighborhoods in the country (Flatbush, Crown Heights, Brownsville, E. New York) Birth place of some the greatest rappers of all time Jay-z, Notorious BIG. Well know for having the highest crime rate in New York City and ranks amongst the highest in crime within the nation. The best and REALIST Borough.
"Lemme tell you where I grew up at
Sip mo', threw up at, flip coke, blew up that
Where fake thugs got they vests chewed up at
BROOKLYYYYNNNN! Beef, who want that?"
-Foxy Brown
by Tim Shady May 28, 2005

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One the best rappers in Hip-Hop history. Born and raised in Marcy Projects located in Bed-stuy Brooklyn, he picked up the torch for NYC and for Brooklyn after the death of the Notorious BIG was murdered. Know for being one of the most consistant rappers in Hip-hop, putting out a new album every year in his career. Jay-Z left his mark on Hip-Hop with classic LP's like Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and The Black Album. Jay-Z is idolized by many of rap musics biggest names, as some refer to him often and even sample his voice in their songs. Jay-Z is a trend-setter and a very smart business man, owning numorous companys, and endorsing many products. Jay-Z's retirement concert which took place in Madison Square Garden sold out in minutes which is unheard of for Hip-Hop. Jay-Z sold out the concert singlehandedly, being the only performer scheduled to perform that night. Jay-Z is certainly one of best, if not the best rapper to ever grace the mic.
Jay-Z is the SHITTTT"
by Tim Shady May 15, 2005

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A west indian party where reggae mucic is played excessivly. Rap music is also thrown in the DJ's mix, but once agian the music is heavily dominated by reggae. A party where your most likely to see the latest dances, and see some of the SEXIEST west indian women wearing almost nothing. Flatbush, Brooklyn is known to throw some of the craziest bashments in NYC.
"Yo, theres a bashment in Flatbust tonight son..."

"Word? Aight, im gonna be there..."
by Tim Shady May 15, 2005

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Home of many West Indians (especially Hatians) in Brooklyn. A spot where you can catch dollar vans that take you up and down Flatbush Av. (dollar fifty cent vans now a days) A place where you can find some of the REALEST niggas and the prettiest women. One of the toughest neighborhoods to grow up in Brooklyn. A neighborhood where your most likely to be harassed by the police, especially if your chilling on the Junction Also, a great place to come to if you want to go to a REAL Bashment
"Yo, I need some new reggae shit son...some new tunes"

"Go to Flatbush. You know all them west indian niggas be having that new,straight from Jamaica tunes...And you know you gonna see some fly chicks.Be careful on the junction though...you know them Flatbush niggas is straight hood..."

"Word, Flatbush niggas is crazy.."
by Tim Shady May 28, 2005

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One of the many "hoods" in Brooklyn. Located in the Flatbush section.
One of the worst neighborhoods in the borough.
"Yo I'm bout to go chill on the junction..."

"Aight, be careful over there, dont get shot..."
by Tim shady May 15, 2005

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To hang your head in shame after saying something incredibly corney or stupid. Or after suffering an embarrassing loss, failing a class, or getting shut-down by a female you tried to talk to, are all appropriate times to "Hang it"
"Damn you just got your ass kicked in hand ball, hang it..
by Tim Shady May 16, 2005

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