When you and the boys get silly off a 12 pack of white claws
“We clawing this weekend?”
by Theclawdaddy69 October 1, 2018
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the act of "clawing" your friends next you when watching a horror movie.

(during the climax of a horror movie)

Girl #1: HOLY SHIZNETS!!!!
Girl #2: OMGAWD!@#? (claws girl #3)
Girl #3: stop clawing me -_- you ain't no bear
by zazzalo April 28, 2009
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The act of inserting fingers (or claws) into a vagina and viciously clawing/scraping away until climax is reached (or bleeding).
recommended use in conjunction with wolfbagging, small household pets or whilst stroking your cookie nipples.
Elv: 'i was absolutely ball-bagged last night and got my digits stuck up this right sort
Fun: 'U give her a good clawing?? u bad cat'
Elv: 'yep, clawed her off a treat'
by Phil Watkinson October 4, 2007
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A variation of the form of greeting "pound it". It was first created and used actively in 2009 from a private school in Vancouver, British Columbia. This way of greeting involves both parties making a claw gesture with their hand and "pounding it". This fad is quickly becoming the newest fist bump on the Western Coast of Canada.
"Yo! Brosef, whats up? Claw it knaw mean?"
by Knawmean April 14, 2009
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Similar to the shocker, this sexual maneuver consists of inserting 2 fingers into the vagina and 1 into the anus. What separates the claw from the shocker is the claw uses the middle finger and ring finger for the vagina and the thumb for the anus.
As she laid on her stomach on the bed, I sat next to her and gave her the claw until she cummed uncontrollably.
by Tenacious January 5, 2005
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-an action created by Dennis Dumphy in Sioux Lookout Ontario, where the hand is raised in the shape of a "claw" directly in front of ones self and thrown forward and backward to the beat of a song.Usually incorporated with headbanging.
-an acceptable alternative action to thrusting ones hand in the air during a concert
-a song by Oceans Over Arcane
they simultaneously raised there hands into the claw....and in the distance the faint sound of CUMMINOUTYEAHHHAAAAAAAA could be heard.
by Osiris Anarchion October 19, 2006
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Acronym for Cheating Lying Awful Whore
My friend is hooking up with this dumb dude at the darts bar, she’s a total CLAW (cheating lying awful whore)
by NJBistheworst April 10, 2019
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