you're regular street clothes that you wear when out of uniform. this includes any uniforms: work, band, military, school, so on.
also refers to costumes or any other required dress you wouldn't be seen in on a day to day basis.
show up to practice in your civies, then we'll change into our performance clothes later.
i brought civies to change into right after the game so i can still go out tonight without looking like a retard in my uniform.
by Witty Woodstock August 24, 2007
Civillians, often used by military personelle.
"Why aren't they in uniform?"
"They're civies here just visiting"
by Melbell September 23, 2005
at schools with uniforms days where you can wear watever you want. (usually once a month)
teacher: why arent you wearing you're ugly golf shirt?
student: sir, its civies day!
by panic! September 19, 2006
"Civilian" a term used by members of the military.
"You don't have that authority."
"I do because I outrank you, civy."
by StonedSharpie September 19, 2009
A term used within the UK Armed Forces to describe a civilian. This is the correct way to spell it however many people without an education spell the word as "civvie" when in fact, that this is the plural spelling for the word.
Just signed off and gotta wait 12 months til i'm a civi

That dirty civi just cut in front of me at the bar

Plural of civi = civvies
by decanus-is-a-civi August 3, 2017
Northwest slang for All things cool or chill
Him: how was work ?
Her: it was civi , manager was off today.


"Aye, no fighting in my house, keep it civi"
by LifeOnMars February 1, 2015
Something fuckin really stupid... like playing one game all day..... with or without friends.....beers are optional.....verb....pronounced si vie
I civie this all day......drunks lol
by Drunken game player February 24, 2018