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Jentelle is smart, beautiful, and amazing. She is great to be around
and has the most cutest laugh. Jentelle has a very unique and awesome
fashion sense.She is fun, kind but she isn't afraid to say what she wants to.
She tends to use bad words but you wouldn't mind because she's awesome like that.
She has really lame puns but you will still find yourself laughing at them because well, SHE'S AWESOME LIKE THAT.
person 1: Hey! You're so good at (talent),

what's your name?

person 2: Thanks! Name's Jentelle

Persons 1: HA! I KNEW IT!
Person 1: What do you call a blind dinosaur?

Person 2: what?


Person 2: HAHAHA! -laughing in tears-
by Panic! April 18, 2013

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at schools with uniforms days where you can wear watever you want. (usually once a month)
teacher: why arent you wearing you're ugly golf shirt?
student: sir, its civies day!
by panic! September 19, 2006

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