A word used mostly in New York City slang especially by drillys an person who’s not gang affiliated or anything
Ayoo bro stop Claiming to be be Ygz or Ogz your a civilian bro just be yourself
by Newopppack April 19, 2022
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um sir should i fire the rocket at the civilians to distract the enemy?
by cjd5453 January 23, 2018
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A member of the public, who is neither a police officer nor a criminal.
"You put your gun on a civilian" -- The Wire
by constabulator November 25, 2010
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Someone who is not aware of the roads/non-streetwise.
He/She is a civilian.
by TNATV June 25, 2017
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Someone who has never been part of the armed forces and is therefore ignorant of what the right thing to do is when under dangerous conditions.
Civilians run away and/or start screaming
All non-civilians go for nearest cover and assess situation (enemy direction, escape routes, usable weapons, enemy armament and their chances of taking down the target)
by xfire January 22, 2008
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An everyday, unknown face. A civilian is the person infront of you who is obeying the speed limit. A civilian is the fellow at the pizza joint who is looking at you and your friends like you're in the middle of a cocaine deal. A civilian is a person at a party who nobody except like 2 people know, and they may or may not be cock blocking. You can love em or hate em, but you can never get rid of civilians.
I walked into the basketball game, and all the civilians on the bleachers were looking at me because I was in my dress blue uniform.
by The Sub February 16, 2005
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